Mike Steele

Hello, my name is Mike Steele,
and I’m the Founder & President of UltimateTax.

On behalf of myself and our entire UltimateTax team I want to thank you for your order. We look forward to a lasting business relationship that you can count on.

Here’s what will come next:

Each year the software for the tax season is released around December first. If you have ordered before that, you should receive an email once the software is released.

If software has already been released, you should be receiving an email soon. We have to manually process all orders so it may take some time. This is one way that we protect business owners from Electric Filing Fraud.

Also, all customers must send in an EFIN Summary. The EFIN (Electronic Filing Identification Number) is not your EIN and is not your PTIN. You can log into your IRS e-services account and print to PDF your summary to send in to us.

1. $188 Down Due Date

Thank you for your initial payment! You can now start enjoying everything inside of your selected package.

The remaining balance will automatically be deducted on February 1st. As an upfront friendly reminder: please pay your balance due on the due date to avoid software deactivation.


2. Visit Our Client Portal

The client portal – myultimatetax.com is the place you can get order information, training tools, pay on your account and renew your software.

To find all the information and details on your $188 Down subscription, please log in to the client portal.


3. Check Your Email

We’ll shoot you an email today!

Can’t find it?

Please check your spam or promotions folders and move us to your primary inbox.


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5. Onboarding

You can schedule onboarding now or wait till the software is released. Onboarding is your included one on one session that will help you get your software setup.


6. Solution Center

Need help with something?

We’ve got you covered.

If you’re stuck, frustrated, or confused, reach out to your 365 service team to get a quick answer. We have created a solution center that has our tips and tricks to help answer many common questions.

You may also check out our comprehensive knowledge base to see if there are quick answers for you!

Solution Center Image

Please be sure to watch your emails from us. Some emails will be offers to other products we offer for the tax office, but most of our emails are information about the season.

– Mike Steele, President/CEO