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What You Get

Your Own Branded Tax Software

Brand your name onto it, add your logo, and customize your tax software to make it your own. Our software is used by over 50,000 preparers each year. There are other software providers out there, but not all offer the ability to resell. Our software is an online 1040 version. No installs, no networking, just log on and do returns. It is our online 1040 package.

Custom Branded Demo

We give you access to the prior year so that you can give access to your potential customers. The software is a full working version without efile.

Reseller Dashboard

See all your offices in one dashboard.

Support Team

You get a team of support specialist who know how to support tax software. You can say we partner with you or we become a team. The reality is we have a proven system. We have been selling UltimateTax for over 15 years. We understand how to support our product and we have resellers now who are duplicating our system.

Ability to support your customers

We give you the rights to jump into a customers tax return and assist them as they need it.

Income All-Year Round - New Channels of Revenue

When you become a tax software reseller, you can earn from:

  1. Tax Software
  2. Volume Incentives – The more bank products your group does the larger your incentive will be.
  3. Bank Products
  4. You can also charge fees for providing:
    • Tax Returns
    • E-Files
    • Consultation
    • And more depending on what level of service you wish to offer.
Your Own Pricing

Charge what you want to charge. There’s no limit to how high or how low you price your software. You should also use the software for your own office if you are preparing returns now. There is no better way to support a product unless you are using it!

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What is Tax Software Reseller

What is a Tax Software Reseller or Tax Service Bureau?

A tax software reseller (also named a tax service bureau) is a business model where you resell our professional tax software under your name. This gives you the ability to offer professional tax software with your niche on it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We build and maintain our comprehensive professional tax software
  2. We white label it to you, allowing you to put your company name and branding on it
  3. You sell your rebranded software to your customers. The more you sell the more you can make off the software sales.
  4. Additionally, most resellers make money on every bank product their group does. We allow you to charge a fee on all bank products. This becomes the Service Bureau Fee. You get to keep this.

Becoming a tax software reseller is an excellent choice if you want to:

  1. Make more money
  2. Serve your clients better
  3. Don’t want to go through the technical difficulties of building and maintaining a professional tax software

You could potentially step back from your tax business as your reselling business grows.

What Does All This Cost?

Normally the right to resell this software, have support and a system to manage it all, and you would easily pay over $100,000.

Software Rights to resell: $10,000
System to manage and keep track of your customers: $10,000
Support System to keep track of tickets: $5,000

A support team who knows what they are doing? A few years of a team of people. This could cost you your business if the support isn’t right.

How much to resell ultimatetax
Reseller package

Reseller package includes:

  • All the great things we mentioned above
  • Support as you need it
  • Custom branded software
  • Unlimited filing
  • Bank Product integration
  • Rebates based on your volumes

What other costs you might have:

  • Sales and marketing costs
  • Additional software costs based on your reseller volume and mix of returns.

This gives you the ability to earn income year-round. Selling software has year-round income potential.

The best way to grow income is to have other build your business. The more returns your customers do the more income you can make.

It is really a simple structure. If you are in the tax industry, use your knowledge to sell customers your custom branded software, provide some first level support, get income based on their volume.

There is no inventory to track, you don’t have to track down your money, you do not need employees to scale if you don’t want to. It is a proven business model that allows you to generate income while you do what you are already doing.

What Are the UltimateTax Software Reseller Requirements?

Anyone can become a tax software reseller!

It is best if you have some tax experience. However, if you have a desire to learn, grow a business, are able to find the right customers, you can be successful in this industry.

Here at UltimateTax, we build partnerships with people who are:

  • Are Client Focused
  • Have integrity for the business and industry
  • Business-minded individuals with a high desire to be successful with their own business

We are looking for great people to be in our industry – whether they do this as a full-time or part-time business.

What Are the UltimateTax Software Reseller Requirements?

We are NOT looking for people trying to take shortcuts or take advantage of our industry.

If you meet these requirements, then inquire with us today!

If you already have a group of customers or if you are already a reseller, we can give you a custom quote based on your volume.

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Why UltimateTax
as the software provider?

We have been providing software to customers for over 15 years.

Our industry leading software has been around for years. Our software is online, secure, has e-signature, e-filing and bank products. Integrated with partners that know our industry.

We are a financially strong and responsible company. We always update our technology, have a great office, and add new employees as we grow. All employees are full time year round employees. We have a great staff of individuals who have been doing this for some time.

We also partner you with our Service Bureau Manager so you have a professional point of contact while you have questions and learn our process. We also have a team of individuals that does account management for your offices, so they get setup right the first time.

How to Become an UltimateTax Software Reseller

Let us help you find the right solution for your business!