Refund Policy

UltimateTax Refund Policy

Effective November 1st, 2023

All Tax Compliance Software orders are subject to this UltimateTax Refund Policy.

Determination for refunds is at the sole discretion of Ultimate Tax Service, Inc.  Request for refund must be in writing stating they have not retained copies of the software, have not violated any terms of the agreement, not disclosed confidential information, has not activated software, use of prior year software included with the package is activated software.

No refund will be made if the customer has activated, prepared, or filed any returns with the software.  If the customer has not activated or violated any terms, the customer can request a refund based on the following schedule:

Sales during the period of April 20th to December 1st:

Software refunds requested within 30 days from sale will be fully refunded.

Refunds after 30 days of sale to December 1st will be charged a $50 administrative fee.

Sales during the period of December 1st to April 20th:

Software refunds requested in 3 business days will be fully refunded.

Software refunds requested during this period after the 3 business days will be charged a $200 administrative fee.

Refunds for our Pay Per Return package will follow the above schedule.

No refunds will be granted for the software fee if the software was used.  No refunds will be granted for Pay Per Return fees.

Refunds for annual software renewal will follow this refund policy.  Refunds for Mobile add-ons will follow this policy.  Refunds for the Vault Package are not refundable.

Timing of refunds.  Ultimate Tax Service, Inc. is not and cannot be responsible for the time it takes for processing banks to issue refunds.  When a refund is issued, you will be emailed a copy of the refund.  Be sure you have access to your email.

Requests must be initiated by emailing