Affordable and Reliable Pay-Per-Return

Professional Tax Software (PPR)

Start your tax preparation business with UltimateTax PPR anywhere, anytime!

Business returns are available upon request and small additional fee per return. If you prepare more than 30 returns per year, get more savings, and explore UltimateTax 1040 Online.

This is the state compliant professional tax software for New York, Illinois, Maryland, Arkansas, Connecticut, and Maine.

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Start Your Tax Business In
The Most Cost-Effective Way

File your client’s taxes better with:

Work Immediately
Without Any Confusing Installation

Get to work immediately on your PC, Macbook, or Chromebook. UltimateTax PPR is accessed with any web browser. No more annoying software updates!

There’s no need to worry about your device’s compatibility. You can use your desktop, laptop, or even a 7” tablet.

Browsers Supported:

Google Chrome (54+)

Microsoft Edge (38.0)

Apple Safari (10.x)

Internet Explorer 11 (11.0+)

For the best experience, we recommend:

Google Chrome (54+)

Screen resolution of at least 1024×768 / 768×1024

Device screen size of at least 7″ (tablet size)

Cost-Effective Tax Software

Cost-Effective Tax Software

  • Are just starting their tax preparation business
  • This is the state compliant bank model for New York, Illinois, Maryland, Arkansas, Connecticut, and Maine.
  • Prepare a small number of returns per year
  • Wants an affordable tax software that does not compromise quality and performance
  • Serve English and Spanish clients
  • Appreciates World-Class Customer Support

Get the professional tax program you need to take on the next tax season!

Pay Only What You Need

Get high-quality professional tax software packed with amazing features only for $288 per year. All federal 1040 and schedules are available. On top of that, you only need to pay $15 per tax return filed.

Business forms are available when requested. Additional fees apply for each tax return prepared.

Whether you’re starting a business or just looking to save more money this tax season, UltimateTax Pay-Per-Return (PPR) is the right software for you.

**If you’re preparing more than 30 returns per year, consider getting UltimateTax 1040 Online and other tax software products. You’ll get the same features with more savings and incentives.

Pay Only What You Need
Work Anytime, Anywhere

Work Anytime, Anywhere
With UltimateTax PPR, you can access your tax software as long as there’s an internet connection. Easily pull up client data via web browsers during a meeting using your laptop or tablet.

What’s great is that you can get up to 10 users for each Ultimate PPR purchased. No need to purchase tax software on each individual device. Save on costs such as network infrastructure and data security.

You can easily add additional users too!

Get Real-Time Updates For Your Clients

Get Real-Time Updates For Your Clients
Update your clients faster on the status of their returns. UltimateTax PPR has a work-in-progress screen that shows tax returns statuses at a glance.

You can also get updates on refunds, acknowledgments, and printed checks. No need to wait around or call the IRS just to get the status.

Paperless Filing

Paperless Filing
Equipped with e-File features, the UltimateTax PPR is a professional tax software that complies with the IRS paperless initiative. File your clients’ federal and state returns electronically for only $15 per return.

UltimateTax PPR is compatible with E-Signature. Bring convenience to your clients through a remote sign-on customer’s device or on a signature pad.

Earn More with Bank Products
Earn More with Bank Products

Offer additional services through bank products like loan advances and Fee Collect using UltimateTax PPR. UltimateTax has cultivated a great partnership with Santa Barbara TPG for its Fee Collect. Enjoy low-rates and incredibly good deals. The only additional fee is a check disbursement or ACH fee to your client.

Provide Excellent Service With Useful Features
Provide Excellent Service With Useful Features

Working on taxes for the first time? No need to worry! UltimateTax PPR has an Interview Mode Data Entry Format. This format makes it easier for new tax preparers to get the client information you need to accurately prepare your client’s taxes.

Customize your buttons in your Launch Pad. Setting up to start your day will be a breeze. All quick links you need are in one place!

With UltimateTax PPR, you can have access to both English and Spanish forms. Accommodate more clients with easy-to-understand forms and data entry prompts.

Free Software Data Conversions

Used a different tax software before? You don’t have to worry about losing all those client data. Save at least 6 hours more with FREE data conversions from your previous tax software to UltimateTax software. Software specialists are available to guide you step-by-step.

*If you do not see your current tax preparation software here, contact us. We convert many programs you may not see here or programs that go by different names.

data conversions

Get exceptional customer support
with 365 Service

Help is always available. Call, chat, or email UltimateTax’s amazing specialists for any concerns related to your tax software all year-round. All of UltimateTax’s agents are based in the U.S. Each one is professionally trained to accommodate all of your concerns related to both the software and the tax industry.

In a hurry? Refer to UltimateTax’s Knowledge Base and Training Videos. Tax professionals get all the support they need with UltimateTax.

Revenue Generating Add-On Products

Offer more services to your clients as a way to expand and build your tax preparer business

Prior Year Software

Access to the last 2 years of software.

Available for $149

UltimateTax Mobile

Allow your clients to start their return with your customized mobile application. Clients can upload their documents and tax interview directly to your UltimateTax Online.

Available for $199
Not available for desktop