IRS Information

IRS Information

Tax professionals and individuals in need of assistance preparing their returns needs often have lots of questions about the process. At UltimateTax we have put together this area on our website to provide professionals with the resources they need to succeed in the business. It also contains valuable information individuals can use to ensure they work with professionals who understand tax software inside out and backwards.

Need to get an EFIN?

Become an Authorized E-file Provider:

Save money, increase your productivity and build your business, while providing a service the majority of taxpayers now expect. IRS e-file has safely and securely transmitted over 800 million tax returns since 1990. Nearly 70 percent of all federal returns are now e-filed. Learn more about the program — required for many tax return preparers beginning in 2011 — and how to become an Authorized IRS e-file Provider.

It will be good for your customers AND good for your business.

PTIN Requirements

IRS Requirements for Tax Return Preparers

In the tax year 2010, the IRS started to implement new regulations for paid tax preparers. The rules will require all paid preparers to register with the IRS, pass a competency exam, complete continuing education and e-file if filing more than 10 federal returns. Here is a summary of the new requirements.

The measures are intended to help protect taxpayers from incompetent and unethical preparers, promote greater tax compliance and increase confidence in the tax system.