Software Update – 1/23/2021

Jan 23, 2021

Software Update – 1/23/2021

Jan 23, 2021

Now that season is going. We would like to update you on some additional helpful hints:

– We do support by Calls, Tickets, Emails and Chat. During our business hours, the chat feature of our support widget gets directly to our customer support. After business hours we try to answer our emails and tickets. Please submit tickets by going to:

Submit a Ticket

Our Solution Center has many common issues on the site, all you have to do is search for your issue and we could have a solution so you do not have to wait for us.

Solution Center

Software Tips

Worksheet 8 is new this year for the stimulus payment. You will notice when you start a return that there is a refund amount. This needs to be adjusted based on if they got the two stimulus payments or not. The best thing you can do with this worksheet is read it carefully as it is new to all of us. There is bug on it that should be updated very soon. If the taxpayer or spouse have a ITIN then the other spouse should get the stimulus payment. You have to override box 4 to make the worksheet work for you

Worksheet 9 is also new. This is an account of the withholding on a return. If they have social security withholding it will flow to this sheet. The Social Security statement does not provide an EIN, so for now till fixed put in all 1s (9 of them) for the EIN.

Online Users – Not getting emails. We have seen more people not getting their emails this year, when they login or reset their password. Actually many people are seeing the two-factor and password reset emails going to Spam. You will have to make @wolterskluwer a safe sender in your email provider/software so that you always get the emails.

The IRS announced that e-file doesn’t officially start until the 12th of February. We encourage you to make sure you software is setup. You can also start sending returns now so that when they do start taking some returns, your returns can be filed as soon as they are open. If you are offering Pre-Ack loans, then you are already on on your way!


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