Lawmakers Re-Introduce Bill to Credit Enrolled Agents

Feb 23, 2015

As it stands, not all states allow Enrolled Agents to use their credentials to encourage tax payers to use their services. This may not be the case in the future!

The Enrolled Agents Credential Act has been re-introduced in Congress. This would allow Enrolled Agents in all states to advertise their credentials when marketing their services and representing clients.

What does this mean for tax preparers? With all of the changes that are taking place in Congress and the State Legislature, it’s hard for the average tax payer to keep up and stay on top of everything. Then throw on top of that all of the fraudulent tax professionals, IRS impersonators and other scams, tax payers have a tendency to be pretty intimidated. You can be assured that Enrolled Agents will be advertising that they are the safer bet when it comes to tax time. With tax payers feeling pressured more than ever to find the right tax professional, this could steer more of them away from tax preparers and in the direction of Enrolled Agents.

If you are an Enrolled Agent this could be great news for you! If you are a tax preparer you may want to decide if studying for the tax code exam is something you are interested in.

We love all of our EA’s and Preparers alike, we just want the best for you and your business!

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