Retrieve Your Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN)

May 25, 2023

Protecting your identity during tax-filing season is of paramount importance. One crucial piece of information that plays a vital role in safeguarding your personal data is the Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN). 

In this article, we will delve into the significance of the IP PIN and explain how you can retrieve it if you’ve lost or forgotten it. By understanding the importance of the IP PIN and taking the necessary steps to secure it, you can ensure a hassle-free tax filing experience.

What is an Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN)?

An Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) is a unique number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to eligible taxpayers. Its primary purpose is to protect taxpayers’ sensitive information and prevent fraudulent tax filings and identity theft. 

By using an IP PIN, the IRS adds an extra layer of security to your tax return, making it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to file fraudulent returns using your personal information.

Why Do You Need an IP PIN?

The need for an IP PIN stems from the increasing instances of identity theft and tax fraud. Taxpayers who have experienced identity theft or were notified of suspicious activity on their tax returns in the past are particularly vulnerable. 

Additionally, certain situations, such as residing in a state with high incidents of tax fraud, may warrant the use of an IP PIN. Failing to provide your IP PIN at the time of tax filing can lead to delays in processing your return. 

It may also trigger additional scrutiny from the IRS, potentially resulting in unnecessary audits or investigations. By obtaining and utilizing an IP PIN, you can mitigate these risks and ensure a smoother tax filing process.

Who Needs an IP PIN?

While not everyone is required to have an IP PIN, it is recommended for individuals who have been victims of identity theft or those who live in states prone to tax fraud. 

The IRS provides eligible taxpayers with the option to voluntarily obtain an IP PIN, regardless of their specific circumstances. Therefore, anyone can benefit from the added security and peace of mind provided by an IP PIN.

How to Retrieve Your Lost or Forgotten IP PIN

Losing or forgetting your IP PIN can be distressing, but the process of retrieving it is relatively straightforward. The IRS offers multiple methods for retrieving your IP PIN, including online, over the phone, and by mail. Choose the method that suits your preferences and situation best.

Online Retrieval

To retrieve your IP PIN online, visit the IRS website and navigate to the dedicated IP PIN retrieval page. You will need to provide certain information, such as your social security number, date of birth, and other verification details. 

Follow the step-by-step instructions provided on the website to complete the process. Once verified, your IP PIN will be displayed on the screen or sent to you via mail within a specified timeframe.

Phone Retrieval

If you prefer retrieving your IP PIN over the phone, you can contact the IRS helpline at the designated number. 

The representative will guide you through the verification process, which may include providing personal details to confirm your identity. Upon successful verification, the representative will provide you with your IP PIN.

Mail Retrieval

In some cases, the IRS may assign your IP PIN via mail. This method is typically employed when online or phone retrieval is not available or unsuccessful. 

To receive your IP PIN by mail, you may need to complete a specific form, such as Form 15227, and mail it to the designated IRS address. Be sure to follow the instructions provided carefully, and allow sufficient time for processing and delivery.

Mail Retrieval


What to Do if Your IP PIN Doesn’t Arrive or Works Incorrectly

In the event that your IP PIN doesn’t arrive within the expected timeframe or if you experience difficulties using it, it’s crucial to take prompt action. Contact the IRS directly or visit their official website for assistance. 

The IRS has dedicated resources available to help resolve any issues you may encounter. By reaching out to the appropriate channels, you can ensure that your IP PIN-related concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

How to Secure Your IP PIN

Securing your IP PIN is vital to maintaining the integrity of your tax filings and protecting your identity. Treat your IP PIN with the utmost confidentiality and follow these best practices to ensure its security:

Do not share your IP PIN with anyone, including friends, family members, or tax preparers, unless required by the IRS during the filing process. Refrain from writing down your IP PIN in easily accessible places, such as on sticky notes or in phone notes apps.

Store your IP PIN securely in a password-protected digital file or a physical safe.

Be cautious when entering your IP PIN online and ensure you are on secure websites. Regularly monitor your financial and tax-related accounts for any suspicious activity.

Your Next Steps: Ensuring Secure and Hassle-Free Tax Filing

The IP PIN is vital for protecting your personal information during tax-filing season. By understanding its importance and following the outlined steps for retrieval and security, you can enhance the safety of your tax filings and minimize the risk of identity theft.

Safeguarding your identity and personal information is crucial, especially during tax season. By obtaining and protecting your IP PIN, you take a proactive step towards securing your tax filings and mitigating the risks of identity theft and tax fraud. 

Ensuring Secure and Hassle-Free Tax Filing

Retrieve your IP PIN using the method that suits you best, and remember to follow the recommended security practices. With the right precautions in place, you can confidently navigate the tax-filing process and safeguard your financial well-being. 

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