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Our UltimateDR is a great alternative if you are looking for a complete package for individual customers. It features document management and unlimited e-filing for all accomplished returns. Add $100 for extra features like corporate client write-up and record and tracking of customer invoices, shipments, payments, and balances.

UltimateTax Service Inc. sells tax software to fit your needs at the most affordable prices. UltimateTax partnered with Drake Tax to provide tax professionals with an all-in-one tax software. Get all the features and benefits of using Drake Tax Software at a lower price.

The speed you need

UltimateDR helps you do everything quickly with automation. Spend less time preparing returns and more time building your client base. With just a click, you can get calculation results and a full return view.

Easy backups

Back-up any or all client data automatically. You can even set how much data or how often with custom settings. Restore data to the same or a different computer.

Shortcut keys and macros

Simplify data entry with built-in shortcut keys and macros. Improve data entry time with reduced keystrokes.

Easy updates

Updating the program just takes seconds. You can choose automatic updating and keep it out of your mind, or just update when you’re notified. Handle any type of updates based on your working style.

Automatic data flow from a federal return to state and city returns

No need to input data twice! Get data from a federal return to state and city returns automatically. When not needed, switch off the automatic data flow with an override option. UltimateDR also has automatic credit for taxes paid for other jurisdictions. It also auto-fills from the ZIP Code and EIN entries.

Save time with optional hardware

Add a digital signature pad and let your clients e‑sign forms and bank applications. Also, add a 2D barcode scanner to import W-2s or K-1s with 2D barcodes. Data entry can be a breeze!

Multi-state returns

Inclusive of all state modules without additional fees. Create any state return you need.

Taxpayer forms in Spanish

Work easily with bilingual forms. Cater to clients who prefer to prepare taxes in Spanish. There are 12 printable taxpayer forms in Spanish, including Forms W-4, W-7, 13844, and 2350.

Update prior-year data

Maximize time spent on data entry with an option to update prior-year data up to the current year. You can do this all at once or only when needed.


Provide Your Customers With The Service They Expect!

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