Ultimatetax Software from Eps What Advantages Will It Offer Your Tax Preparation?

Sep 12, 2022

UltimateTax is used by the majority of paid tax preparers because it makes their jobs easier. Among the incredible features of the software are its online availability, compatibility with all major devices, usability, and limitless e-filling. When banking services are integrated into tax preparation software, the user experience improves.

UltimateTax offers a variety of popular and beneficial services, including the EPS Program. It can help your tax preparation business grow by increasing client satisfaction, attracting new clients, and propelling you to new heights.

Would you like to learn more about UltimateTax’s EPS Program? Continue reading to find out everything you can!

What does the EPS Program mean?

EPS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meta Bank, will handle all of your accounting needs. EPS collaborates with other B2B services to provide its clients with the best tax preparation and related services possible.

Since its inception in 2009, EPS has handled over $20 billion in transactions. Its intended audience consists of tax preparation start-ups.

UltimateTax’s EPS Program helps new tax preparation businesses gain customers by offering low-cost bank fees that maximize tax refunds.

Advantages of  UltimateTax EPS Program for Your Accounting Firm

After learning what EPS is, we can discuss the benefits of UltimateTax’s EPS Program.

Ultimate Tax’s EPS Program can help you attract and retain a larger clientele by allowing you to provide the following services.

Getting a Loan from Your Tax Refund Is Simple

EPS can be used to provide customers with tax refund anticipation loans. Here is an EPS Financials loan application to assist your clients with the cost of their anticipated tax returns.

You can borrow up to $6,000, with the first $2,000 interest-free and the remaining $4,500 at a fixed rate of interest.

The lack of or low cost of advertising the service is perhaps the most compelling advantage of using EPS for tax refund loans.

There Are Several Simple Ways to Obtain Your Tax Return.

The UltimateTax EPS Program is beneficial because it expedites the receipt of your tax refund. Refunds can be processed using direct deposit, paper checks, or prepaid debit cards.

EPS charge some of the lowest fees in the industry for processing electronic payments and paper checks.

The Billing and Payment Process Must Be Simple and Quick.

Payment for tax preparation services can be a hassle for both the tax preparer and the client. On the one hand, the tax preparer is required to remind the client of the cost on a regular basis. The client, on the other hand, is required to pay the tax preparer immediately.

In any case, the EPS program eliminates this problem entirely. Using the Earned Payments System, payment for tax preparation services can be made in the form of an advance on the client’s tax refund (EPS). You can expect to be paid immediately, and the client will cover all of your startup costs. It is obvious that this arrangement will benefit both parties.


This is, indeed, the final chapter! Insights into the Value of UltimateTax’s EPS Software UltimateTax is your only option if you require high-end professional tax preparation software in addition to premier banking services.

If you want to learn more, you should visit the website right away.


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